May 02, 2002

Finally, Congress has somewhat meekly voiced its support for Israel.

The Senate version of the bill was symbolic and largely omitted language from the House which placed blame on Arafat. Despite the watering down in the Senate, two members voted against it:

"The two most senior Democrats, Sens. Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Ernest "Fritz" Hollings of South Carolina, still opposed it, however, saying it ignores Israeli responsibility and the plight of the Palestinians.

Hollings even likened Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein because he refused to allow a United Nations team into Jenin to evaluate the destruction there."

Amazing. Hollings and Byrd. Hollings is the go-to boy of the Hollywood elite and is probably bitter from the abject failure of his proposed legislation which would have essentially made your computer the property of Disney. Byrd is a former Klansman. You cannot make this stuff up.